Where was Julie born and raised? Her childhood is important to me.

Julie was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota, but the family moved to California when she was six, which explains her mid-western-valley girl accent. Growing up, Julie and her sister had dreams of becoming the next pop family sensation. They almost made it, until one tragic evening when their parents yelled at them to “Knock off that racket”… and they did.

In high school, Julie was a serious student who spent little time performing other than in her room when she was grounded. “She was very successful at that endeavor,” remembers her favorite stuffed animal, Snoopy.

At UC Santa Barbara, Julie majored in Art Studio and Business. After graduating Magna Cum Laude, (impressed yet? No? Sheesh, tough crowd) she worked in sales and marketing for Fortune 500 companies. She spent long hours dreaming of the day she would “stop the corporate nonsense” and become an actress. Once she did, it was full steam ahead.

Okay, so she’s brave. But did she put her money where her mouth is?

Wow. You are curious. I can appreciate that. Recent television appearances include, “Grey’s Anatomy”, “Parks and Recreation”, “Parenthood”, “Good Luck Charlie”, “Bones”, NCIS”, “Hot in Cleveland”, and “Cosmos”.  She can also be seen and heard in numerous national commercials, radio, promo, and animation.

But what about Julie’s theatre chops? That’s how you can tell training. I like actors who can also croon.

Oh. You’re one of those types. Me too. Okay. Julie’s roles on stage include, but are not limited to: Christine in “Phantom”, Anne in Sondheim’s “A Little Night Music” and Miss America in Ted Tally’s “Coming Attractions”. She can sing anything from legit musical theatre and light opera, to pop, blues and rock. Julie spent several years in a classic rock band called “Brando’s Pants!” I know, I know.

Fine. That’s all well and good. But is she funny? And can she juggle? Or throw a football?

I’m happy you asked. Julie has been writing and performing sketch comedy for most of her adult life. She spent five years doing the original comedy show, “Hollywood Saturday Night” at the ACME Comedy Theater in Los Angeles. Julie can’t juggle. She is also terrible at team sports and was always picked last for teams in school and blames her father for never teaching her how to be sporty.

Oh. Now I feel bad I asked about the sports thing. Well I’m sure she finds happiness in other things? I heard Julie loves cheese. What is her favorite cheese?

Julie’s hobbies include painting, hiking, tree hugging, and amusing her fur-child and her fiancé, who is not furry, but she loves him just the same anyhow. She does love cheese but will not pick a favorite, as she does not want the other cheeses to feel bad.

Thank you. That is all my questions. I feel like we’re friends now.

Me too. Namaste and Camembert.

Please enjoy some refreshments.